Growth Accelerator

Digital Growth Accelerator is aimed to help young projects start selling online and to help innovative ideas come to life.

If we see that the project has potential, we are open to a partnership where we make everything happen to sell products online.

How does it work?

We look at the project's long-term potential, define the appropriate sales channels, outline potential business development activities, and other support activities that the project would need besides digital advertising.

Unlike other agencies in case, we decide we can’t make the project a success and bring value, we won’t initiate the next step. We do not want to create costs for a project and not being able to bring in revenues. But if we decide to move forward with the project, we do an analysis of digital marketing channels, trends, market size, prices, competition, and many others. That gives us all the info we need to move forward and propose the scope of cooperation.

Our network immediately can give immediate results and besides making the sale happen, we can also cover all logistics and warehousing activities and in some cases prototyping of the product (depends on the materials and technology).


Our vision is to become the largest online bedding seller in Middle Europe

Excellence Record

The company management team has over 12 years of experience in digital marketing and eCommerce industry generating more than 100M+ EUR of revenues for different brands over the years.

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